How far is the sea from home?

From all the apartments you can reach the sea on foot, enjoying a walk on the typical mule tracks of the island. These routes have an average duration of 20 minutes on foot and are often characterized by moderate slopes. For those who prefer to avoid walking, it is possible to rent scooters or contact a taxi. In this case 5 minutes will be enough. If you want to know the precise distance, you can check out the page of the website dedicated to each apartment, which also includes this information.

Are the villas equipped with linen?

Of course, all apartments are set up for new guests with clean linen, towels. Weekly bed linen change service is provided and included in the price, but the guest can request additional ones as extras whenever he wishes. Remember that towels / mats / beach towels are not provided for the beach; the guests can bring their own or buy them in the island’s shops.

Is there Wi-Fi and TV in the apartments?

By choice, no apartment has neither a television nor Wi-Fi. Filicudi is an island, a distant reality compared to the environment in which we live our everyday lives. Nature reigns untouched and it is possible to feel and experience unique sensations and adventures. This is why we invite our guests to a digital detox, which allows them to reclaim the taste of time and the sounds dictated by nature.

Do mobile phones get a signal?

Filicudi island is a particular place, where mountains and sea dialogue with each other. And this particular configuration creates conditions under which in some places cellphones and smartphones struggle to receive the usual signal. However, this problem is not present in the apartments and in the areas surrounding the villas.

Is there a breakfast service?

Atana was born as a guest house, so it does not have a breakfast service. However, we will be able to show you different solutions to transform breakfast into a new experience. If you prefer to arrange yourself, you can take advantage of the kitchen in each apartment to cook the kind of breakfast you prefer while enjoying the view from your private terrace over the sea.

How do you I arrange my groceries?

There are several shops on the island from which you can buy all the products you need. Our advice is to set up a weekly shopping list, so as to optimize travel.
A single detail: the consumable products in Filicudi are almost completely imported from the mainland, so there may be a slight surcharge compared to the usual amounts. If you have any doubt and / or question, do not hesitate to contact the Atana Staff; they will be able to best advise you.

How do you manage the availability of water in Atana?

Water is a precious asset and in Filicudi even more. In Atana we stock up water once a week with a tanker, so we invite guests to be thrifty in their use. To facilitate responsible behavior, our homes are equipped with timed showers.

What time is check-in and check-out scheduled?

On the day of departure, the apartment must be left categorically by 10.00 am. On the day of arrival, the guest will be accompanied to the house as soon as it is ready and clean, in any case no later than 2.00 pm.

Are there taxis or shuttles?

Of course yes! Upon your arrival and included in the booking fee, shuttle transport from the harbor to your apartment is provided. Alternatively the island has a taxi service which you can take advantage of. For daily trips we recommend opting for the rental of mopeds.

What is included in my booking?

Upon your arrival at the Atana villa you have chosen for your trip to Filicudi, you will find a small courtesy set to welcome you, as well as bed linen and bath towels for each guest. Every week our staff will provide a (free) change of sheets and towels, but if you need additional replacements you can request them at any time with a small extra fee.


How do you get to Filicudi?

Since Filicudi is part of the Aeolian archipelago, there are essentially three ways to get there: either by HYDROFOIL, BOAT or HELICOPTER. The available hydrofoils depart from Palermo (about 14h30m) and Milazzo (about 14h15m). For all the information, timetables and costs you can check out the following website or If, on the other hand, you would like to land on the island directly by helicopter following a private route, you can contact a company specialized in this type of service, through its website

What is the best restaurant on the island?

The island of Filicudi boasts many restaurants and niches in which to enjoy a good meal according to the typical Mediterranean culinary tradition. Ask the Atana staff and for advice and tell them what you would like to eat: they will be able to show you the right restaurant to satisfy your tastes.

Which islands can I visit in one day?

Visiting the other Aeolian islands departing from Filicudi is a demanding excursion to be carried out in a single day. It is also possible to visit Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Alicudi and Stromboli (about three hours by boat), but we suggest you plan to stay overnight on the island, a night return in the open sea may not be the best idea.

How much does it cost to rent a scooter and a boat?

On the island there are several rental services that you can take advantage of for your travels, excursions and experiences. Based on your needs, we invite you to contact the Atana staff, they will be able to provide you with a complete list of references.

Are there cultural attractions on the island?

Yes, Filicudi is an island rich in history and culture. In this regard, we have written an in-depth analysis in the “experience” area of ​​our website. You can read it by clicking here.

What should I bring with me on my vacation?

Filicudi is an island where nature reigns supreme and man is a welcome guest. Everything is preserved: most of the roads are made up of mule tracks or old paths. There is neither noise (very few cars circulate on the island) nor artificial light pollution (there is no public lighting). This does not mean that an uncomfortable holiday awaits you, on the contrary, Atana guarantees you a stay with all comforts. However, it is good to be aware of what Filicudi will reserve for you.

Our advice is therefore the following: bring comfortable clothing and a torch with you, it can turn out to be useful during your evening trips.

Where can I find a map of the island?

We have prepared for you a complete and updated map of Filicudi where you can see the precise location of our villas as well as the main points of interest on the island, the carriage roads, the pedestrian paths, and the hiking trails. The most important local emergency numbers of Filicudi are also indicated on it.


Filicudi Map


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